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Low-carb pizza recipe works a treat.

This recipe is one I saw on the internet a while ago, but I didn't get around to trying it today, possibly a year later. What a mistake!! I wish I'd been eating it much sooner!

Low carb pizza

The basic idea is that instead of using a flour based bread pizza base, you use white beans held together with egg. There is no cheese on the pizza so you use the low carb toppings like bacon, spinach etc then cover it with a beaten egg. The result is something resembling a pizza in look, and the taste is largely governed by the toppings. The base has a slightly different taste but because the taste of the base is so much weaker that the taste of the toppings you hardly notice the difference.

Using an eight inch pizza dish, here is what you need. I bought a small jar of white beans in the local supermarket which constitutes about 250 ml or a cup and a bit. Fry this off with some salt and olive oil, using a spatula to crush the beans. After a few minutes you have a mush. At that point stir in an egg, and when that is mixed in, spread the mush onto you pizza dish. Put it into a hot oven (370 degs or thereabouts) and leave the base to solidify for a few minutes. When the base is suffiently hardened that it can support your toppings (test this with you finger), whip it out of the oven and start building your pizza. I used crushed garlic, four slices of tomato, onion rings, a cup of spinach and a few slices of bacon. Season with oregano, basil, salt and freshly milled black pepper. Then whisk up another egg and pour it all over the toppings. Then pop back into a high over for about ten minutes.

I found that the only snag with the recipe is that if you try to serve it straight away, the egg in the base tends to stick and it breaks up. Best is to leave it to rest for a couple of minutes so that the base stabilises and then you can lift it with a spatula without it breaking. To me this is magic - a pizza with almost zero carbs!!


[Originally posted 21 November 2013]


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