Andalucia Steve the dream

A night of Blues in a Bar near you

The return of the Blues RaidersThe Blues Raiders are back, with a down home, country blues style that will curl your toes and flip the top off of a beer bottle at twenty paces!

All you have to do for a free rootin-tootin' concert of some of the best blues this side of the Mississippi is come to Bar La Nor-I-A on Friday the 29 of July and enjoy the atmosphere.

This bar is licensed by the government of Cadiz to serve some of the finest liquors available in this part of the fine state of Andaluz, so why don't you try a Mojito, or Dakhuirri while your here?

Our patron Paco also has a deep respect for latin food south of the border, so why not try one of his fajitas while you's here?

Now tha only thing you have to worry about is if you don't dance...our lead singer, well, he's an ornery cuss, and if you don't take to dancin' well he might juss take a pot-shot at yur feet - just' a warnin' ya now!!


Edited 30 July - the day after. Thanks to all who came and made it a wonderful night, standing room only at the end. The next gig really will be in September - honest!