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Blues Raiders play on 3 June 2016 Inside Bar La Noria

The Blues Raiders play again this Friday at Bar La Noria. This gig will be inside. The next gig we play after that will be the White Towns Festival, which is outdoors, so given that after that we will be in July, this is realistically going to be the last gig we will play indoors until the Autumn.

The set list will include the new numbers like Heard It Through the Grape Vine, and Whisky in the Jar (in honour of the president of our fan club, June Bell - hiya June!!) etc and we hope everyone will get involved singing and dancing, even though the thermometer is set to pop 30 later in the week.

As is the norm now, extra kitchen staff will be on hand to meet the demand for food, so don't be afraid to order - Paco isn't going to drop his harmonica in a dash to the deep-fat fryer!

For those wishing to buy tickets for the White Towns festival, you can purchase these at Bar La Noria for a two euro discount.