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Come see us play the last gig of 2016 at our local bar La Noria

Blues Raiders in Bar La NoriaSaturday 17th of December 2016 will be the last Blues Raiders gig of 2016, and possibly the last time we will play there, at least while it is under the stewardship of Eva and Paco. As you may have heard, Paco has a job which takes him out of town during the week, and Eva is unable to handle such a big bar on her own, so they are putting the business up for sale.

The Blues Raiders were born in Bar La Noria, when Nigel and I started informal jams with Paco several summers ago. Things soon moved on and now we are playing in other venues. In fact Paco may have more time to play with us in future as he doesn't have to worry about who is manning the kitchen. So watch this space about forthcoming Blues Raiders gigs in the new year - we already have one penciled in for January but no names, no pack drill.

Adios Bar La Noria. Viva The Blues Raiders