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Exploring eggs - the frittata

First go at frittataI'd never made a frittata until five minutes ago. Despite owning a number of cookery books it had never been something I'd really come across. Nobody I knew made them and I'd never had one in a restaurant.

Then I came across a recipe for one on a low carb website. The deal with a frittata is that it's an egg dish, similar to an omelette, but with more filling, open faced and finished off under the grill. The idea is to end up with something quite thick and sturdy that be sliced, rather like a quiche without the pastry.

I pretty much followed the recipe. I fried of some veg, onion, garlic, spinach, parsley, bacon and added a few herbs, and while that was on the go, I started to whisk three eggs and a few tablespoons of milk. Once the veg were nearly done I poured over the beaten egg and left on a fairly low setting for five minutes after which I added a light sprinkling of grated cheese and finished off under the grill.

The result was surprisingly tasty with the melted cheese and sprigs of crispy bacon really tickling my taste buds. Will definitely add this to my list of low-carb favourites.

[Originally 27 November 2013 published ]


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