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A Ribera del Duero for 3.20€

I bought this bottle today in the local 'Dia' a national Spanish supermarket chain with stores in most towns. I paid 3,20 euro and it was not on any special offer. The description says 100% tempranillio and the alcohol 13%.

I'd never had Ribera del duero until I moved to Olvera where I was introduced to it by some local devotees and I too have become a fan. Will open later this evening and add my tasting notes to this post....

Altos de Tamaron Front label Altos de Tamaron Back Label

....mmm rich. There was a real cork in the bottle which is always somehow reassuring. No age is shown on the bottle but a look near the lip of my tilted glass suggests it is not a young wine. First taste was shock as there was an unexpected narrowness to the palette as if some of the flavours one expects had been clipped. There was a long pleasant aftertaste and having adjusted to the nose I enjoyed what is quite a dark fruityness coupled with a hint of liquorice and a touch of tannin. This is one of those wines that rises to the nose as a Chardonnay has a habit of doing. Not my favourite Ribera but I'll definately have it again if it's the best one on the shelf as it may well be in one of my local Spanish supermarkets.

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