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A fine little Crianza from Jumilla

I've a particular fondness for the wines of Jumilla. I lived in Murcia for six years and there are two main wine growing regions, Bullas, near where I lived and Jumilla which was an hours drive to the north. Well I made the drive whenever I could because it was worth it. Jumilla produces some formidable wine, some of the strongest I've seen at 16% or more (Bodega Silvano Garcia) and with a corresponding body that leaves quite an impression.

This particular crianza is oak aged for six months and while fairly strong at 13% retains a little youthfulness so is not too overpowering. It has a rich ruby red colour, a fruity nose with a hint of raspberry, while to the tongue there is just a touch of vanilla mixed with liquorice. I picked this one up for and amazing 1.39 € though it has recently gone up - for the last few years in the local Albeyco supermarket it was available at 1.18 € How much would you pay in the UK I wonder?


Crianza from Jumilla Rear view of Crianza San Simón
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