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Anti-Thatch Music Show

RNE3 plays an hour of protest songs from the 1980's

One of the many joys of living in Spain is the radio station RNE3, which was most aptly described by my partner as a station run by a load of John Peels. It's difficult to define the policy behind what they play but to give you an idea I've heard them play The Sex Pistols at 8am! They play Murcian folk music, Fada, Balinese gamalan ceremonial music and Fela Kuti, one after the other. They have won awards as best radio station in Europe over and over because there is no other station to touch them.

Well last week they surpassed themselves again. Just after Thatcher's death when the BBC were considering banning Ding dong (which made it to number two) RNE3 played an hour of music that captured the spirit of her time in office, which included many anti-Thatcher protest songs.

This Sunday, in 'Sonideros' we remember Margaret Thatcher related songs, perhaps the most controversial political figure of her time, and who aroused the most arguments and hatred. We hear pieces of resistance Britpop written during her years in office, rabid diatribes against her politics and harsh portraits of British society under her mandate by The Specials, The Beat, The Jam, Billy Bragg, The Blow Monkeys and yes, Ella Fitzgerald.

RNE3 Play songs from the Thatcher Era

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