Andalucia Steve the dream

Busy busy busy in October

Three weddings and a funeral sort of!

The Blues Raiders have two birthday gigs in October 2016 - the first on the 1 Oct 2016 in the Hotel Pino, the secnod on the 15th in Bar Manhatten. We will also be playing in our regular haunt, Bar La Noria on the 21st


All being well, we will also be hosting a Karaoke night at Bar La Noria on Friday 7th.


The Pino gig will feature a guest lead guitar player, Andrew, so even if you don'thave an invite, worth pitching up to the bar for a drink - you'll be able to hear us even if we're playing poolside, though forecast suggests we will be inside!

We're Back

Blues Raiders Ride Again Friday 9th September 2016

After a brief summer holiday, the Blues Raiders will be playing Bar La Noria from 10pm on Friday 9th September 2016.

As ever food is available and there will be the usual mayhem on the terrace. There will be a few new numbers in addition to the favourites in are traditional song set.

Technical problems prevented us from broadcasting the last set through periscope, though hope to rectify that this time. Details of the scope will be announced via Twitter @andaluciasteve

The Blues Raiders will also be playing at a private party in the Hotel Sierra Y Cal on 1 October. Those unlucky enough not to be invited can always turn up at the bar and 'cock an ear' in the direction of the terrace where we will be playing.