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The Return of the Blues Raiders

A night of Blues in a Bar near you

The return of the Blues RaidersThe Blues Raiders are back, with a down home, country blues style that will curl your toes and flip the top off of a beer bottle at twenty paces!

All you have to do for a free rootin-tootin' concert of some of the best blues this side of the Mississippi is come to Bar La Nor-I-A on Friday the 29 of July and enjoy the atmosphere.

This bar is licensed by the government of Cadiz to serve some of the finest liquors available in this part of the fine state of Andaluz, so why don't you try a Mojito, or Dakhuirri while your here?

Our patron Paco also has a deep respect for latin food south of the border, so why not try one of his fajitas while you's here?

Now tha only thing you have to worry about is if you don't dance...our lead singer, well, he's an ornery cuss, and if you don't take to dancin' well he might juss take a pot-shot at yur feet - just' a warnin' ya now!!


Edited 30 July - the day after. Thanks to all who came and made it a wonderful night, standing room only at the end. The next gig really will be in September - honest!

The Blues Raiders Live Outside

Olvera's premier blues outfit to play the La Noria terrace

The Blues Raiders are back next Thursday 7th July. Hot on the heels of the White Towns festival, the guys are trading a 10,000 watt p.a. and Jean Michel-Jarre style light show for a semi-acoustic gig outside on the terrace at Bar La Noria. Due to concerns about noise, we're turning down the volume for a semi-acoustic gig. Bass and drums will be electric on low volume, wheres the guitar and harmonica will be acoustic only.

Due to the 'unplugged' nature of the gig, there will be a return to our roots with a new set featuring some of our old acoustic numbers.

It remains to be seen whether the newly adopted cat will be playing with the Raiders. At this time no assessment has been made of his keyboard skills, though we are looking forward to hearing his rendition of 'kitten on the keys' by Depussy.

As is the norm now, there will be extra staff in the kitchen so don't be afraid to order some of the great La Noria grub (the fajitas are my personal favourite!) Also they do the most amazing mojitos and Daiqueries for a mere 3.50 euros which are a bargain!!

Be seeing you!



The White Towns Festival

Great gig - not enough people

The Blues Raiders - penultimate of the five bands playing the White Towns FestivalThe Blues Raiders played at the White Towns Festival on 24th June.

The gig was poorly marketed and nearly cancelled due to low ticket sales, though protestations of all the bands involved prevailed and the show did, as it must, go on.

As you can see from the picture, there was a huge stage with a very professional lighting rig and a huge sound system.

There were five bands playing in all , including another blues band from Olvera and a rock outfit from Seville called the Stinkis who were really impressive.

Though you can't see it from the picture there was an audience of a hundred people or so, but all were behind the photographer, many hanging around the beer tent or sitting on the stone steps at the side of the stadium.

In typical Spanish fashion our 10:30 spot saw us going on at gone 11 and we played until past midnight. The final band that followed us, Los Vecinos de Callejon were still playing when I got home at about 1:30. Such was the power of the PA I could hear them clearly in the still night air all the way from up at the castle!