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Why Privacy Matters

Excelent Ted Talk About the War in Online Privacy Going on Before Our Eyes

Alessandro AcquistiAn engaging talk by Alessandro Acquisti about the nature of internet privacy and its possible impact on all our lives. I was particularly struck with the concept that advertisers now have the technology to get the images of our most closest friends on say, Facebook, morf them together and construct an advert that would be present by an avatar resembling them. Spooky!

Folowing on from what Richard Stallman was saying in another video I posted the other day, is it worth being on Google Plus and Facebook, or is the risk to our privacy too great. I know a lot of people have taken to adblocker programmes that minimise the damage, but if we all did that, Google and the like would have to end providing services that are essentially free because of the adverts we consume.

Personally I think moving towards paid for services without advertising and without more privacy may be the future, at least for a concerned section of the population.

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History of Britain: Rise and Fall of the Druids

I think possibly the original British belief system may have led to a a more equitable system of land ownership

Would that we could undo the Roman occupation of Britain, would the result be Georgianism?

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Stallman on Privacy

Richard Stallman interviewed about privacy, NSA and why he doesn't have a phone

Interview with Richard Stallman the creator of the free software foundation. He gives his views on Assange, Snowdon, big brother and why he doesn't have a mobile phone. The great thing about Stallman is he saw this coming. He's had this position for ten or fifteen years and has been largely ignored. Now all he has been saying has been completely vindicated.

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